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Jim Halpert
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Jim Halpert

Jim's Pranks
One of the central elements to Jim's character as originally conceived is his devotion to playing pranks at the office to relieve boredom. By far, his most common target is his overbearing deskmate Dwight Schrute, and moves on to playing pranks on Stamford co-worker Andy Bernard when he transfers branches. Here are some of the more notable pranks Jim has played on Dwight, Andy, or any other unsuspecting co-worker. Major pranks are in boldface.

* Encased Dwight's stapler in Jell-O.
* Built a pencil fence between his and Dwight's desk.
* Encased Michael's 'World's Best Boss' coffee mug in Jell-O.
* Changed Dwight's assigned "race" from "Asian" to "Dwight" in the Diversity Day exercise.
* Locked Dwight inside his own "work space".
* Assisted Pam in preparing a list of absurd medical conditions.
* Agreed to participate in an "alliance" with Dwight, using it to feed his paranoia in a variety of ways.
* Convinced Dwight to purchase a purse from a vendor, and then made fun of him for having it.
* Found Dwight's wallet in the parking lot, and decided, on Pam's suggestion, to give the wallet back to Dwight intact and unchanged.
* With Pam, posted Dwight's résumé online.
* Relocated Dwight's desk to the men's restroom.
* Popped Dwight's fitness orb.
* Convinced Dwight a Thursday was a Friday, causing him to be late for work the next day.
* Placed Dwight's wallet and desk items in the vending machine.
* Gave Dwight dubious "tips" on public speaking. The prank backfired; the speech was a success.
* Paid coworkers five dollars to call Dwight "Dwayne" for an entire day.
* Convinced Dwight an abandoned infant was in the women's restroom, causing him to walk in on Meredith "on the can."
* Used a macro so that every time Dwight typed his name, it appeared as "diapers".
* Replaced Dwight's writing instruments with crayons.
* Incrementally increased the weight of Dwight's telephone handset, then abruptly decreased the weight, causing Dwight to smack himself in the face with the phone.
* Placed a bloody glove in Dwight's desk and attempted to convince him that he had committed murder.
* Created an absurd identification badge for Dwight.
* Repositioned Dwight's desk by moving it an inch at a time over the course of the day.
* Encircled Dwight's desk in police tape.
* With Pam, convinced Dwight that he (Jim) had telekinetic powers.
* Held Dwight's bobblehead doll for $5 ransom.
* Encased Andy's calculator in Jell-O. This prank backfired when Andy reacted violently.
* Convinced Dwight (and Michael) that gaydar was a genuine device.
* Gained access to Dwight's hotel room at a paper convention in Philadelphia. This prank was abandoned.
* With Pam, made high-pitched noises hoping Dwight would schedule an appointment with an ear doctor.
* Sent faxes signed "Future Dwight" on Dwight's own stationery.
* Stared at Dwight's forehead for no reason.
* Gave Andy wildly incorrect "tips" on winning Pam's affections.
* Ordered fifteen large sausage pizzas to the office under the name 'Dwight'.
* With Pam, tricked Dwight into believing he was being recruited by the CIA.
* Told Dwight that their waitress couldn't remember how to butcher a goose.
* "Narrated" Dwight's absurd behavior when Dwight taped a meeting. This prank backfired when Andy took the joke too far.
* Glued Dwight's office drawers together.
* Changed Dwight's voicemail to make him sound like a chipmunk.
* Told Dwight there was a 4am meeting.
* Shipped Dwight's desk by mail to Roswell, New Mexico, where Dwight was vacationing.
* Hid Andy's cell phone in the ceiling tiles, then, with Pam, called it repeatedly. This resulted in Andy punching a hole in the office wall.
* Hired a Benjamin Franklin impersonator instead of a male stripper for Phyllis's bachelorette party.
* Told Dwight that the Ben Franklin impersonator was the real Franklin.
* Conditioned Dwight to expect an Altoid mint each time he heard a computer chime.
* Manipulated Dwight into patrolling for wedding crashers.
* Convinced Dwight that he (Jim) was turning into a vampire.
* Hid the key to Michael's straitjacket.
* Relayed intentionally incorrect messages from Dwight to Andy.
* Dressed up as Dwight and parodied him. Dwight returned the favor later.

Pam Pong

by Sweet Diss and the Comebacks

She will make up her hair, but she can’t make up her own mind
She will answer the phones, but she can’t answer her own heart
She’s the kind of girl you see, whose smile could light The Electric City
She’s the kind of girl you know that you could marry just to show you care

So, how are you Beesly? Who’s getting you down?
You know that you tease me when no one’s around everyday.

Catherine Zeta flirts, Bobblehead Joe has fireworks
The boss is already out, he’ll Schrute it up, I have no doubt.
She’s the kind of girl you’d adore, that you could make your famous cheese sandwich for.
And dance until the music stops; Look into her eyes, tell her how you feel.

So, how are you Beesly? Who’s getting you down?
You know that you tease me when no one’s around everyday.

She said ‘Swaying isn’t dancing’ and any idiot could tell you that I was crushed and what I said to her was so mean and then...
I walked away from the girl I love, the girl I need, the girl I deeply care about; the girl I want, the girl I desire, the girl I simply can’t live without

About Jim
A five-year veteran of Dunder Mifflin, Jim insists the job is just an extended stop on his career path and once stated that if it were his career, he would throw himself in front of a train. It is indicated throughout the series that Jim is an extremely talented salesman—in "Office Olympics" he mentions closing two sales during his lunch break. Jim won an award for being the 9th best salesman in the company that year, with Dwight taking top honors ("Dwight's Speech"). In an episode from the previous year ("Diversity Day"), Dwight stole Jim's biggest client while Jim was forced to attend a meeting, which may have affected the standings. Despite Jim's talent for paper sales, he is somewhat lazy and dislikes his job.

While in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Jim rented a house with a roommate, Mark. By his own admission during a conversation with Pam, Jim didn't have much of a social life, staying home and watching TV most nights, although he enjoys cycling ("Email Surveillance", deleted scene) and often babysits Toby's daughter Sasha ("Take Your Daughter To Work Day", deleted scene).

Despite his professed lack of a social life, Jim shows a remarkable ability to make friends quickly. Dwight notes that he's a close friend of Steve, the delivery man who restocks the vending machines ("Booze Cruise"). He seems to know several firefighters who respond to a fire alarm ("The Fire"). The IT guy attends a barbecue at Jim's house after only meeting him that day ("Email Surveillance"). Jim quickly bonds with Kevin's fiancée's daughter on "Take Your Daughter To Work Day"; she invites him to dinner at their house that night. He is also well-liked by most everyone at the Dunder Mifflin office, except of course, his frequent prank-target Dwight.

Jim's nonchalant and cynical attitude toward Dunder Mifflin is manifested by a PlayStation Portable spotted on his desk, his comic deadpan camera mugging in reaction to what would normally be surprising developments in the office, and his inciting comments during employee meetings. As mentioned above, Jim's favorite pastime is to play practical jokes on deskmate Dwight, who makes himself an easy target. These are usually whimsical and in good fun; e.g. performing an uncanny impression of Dwight using a $4 pair of glasses or placing the contents of Dwight's desk as well as his wallet in a vending machine. Occasionally, though, these pranks inadvertently backfire on Jim, such as in "The Alliance" or "The Fight" where Jim's flirtation with Pam gets physically awkward; or "Conflict Resolution" when his prank involving an I.D. badge pushes Dwight over the edge and he demands that Michael either fire Jim or transfer him out of the Scranton office.

Although Jim is very fond of elaborate pranks, he is essentially a kind person. When an uninvited Michael crashes his party and sings karaoke in yet another painfully awkward attention-hog moment, Jim saves him from humiliation by joining in. When he and Pam realize Michael will seriously injure himself in an ill-conceived attempt to illustrate the dangers of office-related depression and suicide ("Safety Training"), he's the first one to tell Michael, "don't jump on the bouncy castle."

Co-worker Andy Bernard nicknamed Jim "Big Tuna" after his choice of lunch on his first day at Stamford. Andy later nicknamed Jim "Big Haircut" when he got a new haircut.

Not much is known about Jim's family or childhood, although he does note that he played basketball in high school ("Basketball"). Jim lists "Larissa Halpert" (presumably his mother) as his emergency contact ("The Fight"). Jim was a member of the Scranton Preparatory School's Class of 1998.[citation needed]

His favorite food is soft-shell crab ("Halloween"). According to Ryan ("Dwight's Speech"), Jim eats a ham-and-cheese sandwich every day for lunch. Jim even orders the meal when being treated to lunch at Hooters ("The Secret"). On the other hand, Jim brought a tuna sandwich to work in a deleted scene from "The Alliance". In a deleted scene from "Diwali", Jim favored eel sushi over tuna, much to the surprise of Andy, who nicknamed him "Big Tuna" based on his lunch the first day at Stamford.

Jim likes Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Arcade Fire, and Travis: The latter's song "Side" was playing at his barbecue party, and he sways with Pam to "Sing". Jim is also a fan of the Philadelphia Phillies and the Philadelphia 76ers, as evidenced in ("The Job") when CFO David Wallace says "I don't know if I can hire a Sixers fan", to which Jim replies, "I should go...".

In earlier episodes, Jim drives an early 2000s maroon Toyota Corolla. In the third season, he drives a Saab 9-2x.

Jim Halpert: Hey, uh, can I talk to you about something?
Pam Beesley: About when you want to give me more of your money?
Jim Halpert: No, I...
Pam Beesley: Did you want to do that now? We can go inside. I'm feeling kind of good tonight.
Jim Halpert: I was just... I am in love with you.
Pam Beesley: [No longer smiling] What?
Jim Halpert: I'm really sorry if that's weird for you to hear, but I needed you to hear it. Probably not good timing. I know that, I just...
Pam Beesley: [Stunned] What are you doing? What do you expect me to say to that?
Jim Halpert: I just needed you to know. Once.
Pam Beesley: Well, I... I can't...
Jim Halpert: Yeah...
Pam Beesley: You have no idea...
Jim Halpert: Don't do that...
Pam Beesley: ...what your friendship means to me.
Jim Halpert: C'mon. I don't want to do that. I want to be more than that.
Pam Beesley: I can't.
[a small tear runs down Jim's face]
Pam Beesley: I'm really sorry... if you misinterpreted things. It's probably my fault.
Jim Halpert: [Trying to recover] Not your fault. I'm sorry I misinterpreted our friendship.


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